Kodak Park Building Implosions

The following is a message to Kodak Rochester employees from Paul
Walrath, Chief Operating Officer, Film Products Group.

As part of our effort to complete our major restructuring in 2007, we
will be demolishing 16 buildings at Kodak Park in 2007. Many Kodak
people in the Rochester area are already aware that two of these
buildings will be demolished by controlled explosive demolition,
commonly known as implosion.

The two buildings to be imploded are Building 9, located along Lake
Avenue, and Building 23, the blue-paneled building located north of
Ridge Road and east of Dewey Avenue. Both implosions are scheduled
for this weekend:

* Building 9 on Saturday (June 30) at 8:00 a.m.
* Building 23 on Sunday (July 1) at 8:00 a.m.

The implosions have already attracted a great deal of interest from
the community as well as from local and national media. With this
high level of visibility, the company has a chance to present a
message that goes beyond the image of demolished buildings and speaks
to the promising future of Kodak as we build on our great heritage to
enter new markets with new technologies.

To that end, we want to use this opportunity to honor that rich
heritage. Both of these buildings played critical roles in fulfilling
George Eastman's vision of bringing low-cost photography to everyone.
At the same time, we want to celebrate our exciting future.

That's why we will wrap both buildings with huge banners promoting our
commitment to a "revolution" that demolishes an inkjet printer
business model that forces consumers to endure high-cost ink. The
throng of assembled media cameras will capture our huge banners
"declaring independence from the high cost of ink" before the
buildings fall.

We are, of course, planning this event with safety as our first
priority. Given this, please note the following important details:

Kodak parking lots near the buildings will be open to the public;
however, you should expect significant traffic congestion and limited
space at the viewing locations. Please see the following links to
maps that show parking areas and designated viewing areas outside of a
safety exclusion zone:

R-News (GRC Channel 9) has already confirmed that it plans to
broadcast both events live, and other local TV stations may also
broadcast the event, so watching at home will be the most convenient
way to view them. Access within this area of Kodak Park will not be
allowed on either day, except to those who are scheduled to work.

Noise and vibration from the implosions should be brief and moderate.
There will be a concrete dust cloud in the vicinity of the building
for a relatively brief period after the implosion. Depending on
anticipated wind speed and direction, some of the designated viewing
areas may be closed off to ensure safety. Persons with respiratory
illness, sensitivity to dust or very young children are strongly
advised not to attend the viewing. Please keep in mind that no
restrooms will be available, road closures will go into effect well
before the events, and that parking will be limited.

This will be a historic moment in our transformation. Rest assured
that we are approaching this event with the appropriate balance that
it deserves; at once respectful of the people who worked in these
buildings and their achievements, while celebrating another
technological revolution that only Kodak can claim.