Robert, I went through a similar decision when I moved to Tucson in the fall of 1984. The people at the U of A and the old Center for Photography were not very helpful at that time. There was a beginners course at Pima Community College, and an advanced degree course at the university. Neither one met my idea of what I wanted to learn. The result was that I attended workshops, asked questions, and read everything I could get my hands on. Moved to Phoenix in the early 1990's and met Rod Klukas at Photomark. This is off the wall, but I suggest that you take a ride to Phoenix and talk to him. I don't know what's available now (Moved to Texas shortly after moving to Phoenix), but Rod knows everybody in the photography education world. Jay Dussard may still be teaching in Prescott. Mark Klett had a wonderful photo program at Ariz. State. He may still be there. The opportunities in Arizona are un-limited. I would take advantage of them if I was in a position to do so.