Vaughn prints are in the wash...hopefully they will be put into the mail tomorrow. I am also trying to leave town, so it will be tight! Worse comes to worse, I'll mail them from Spokane next week.

Tony, your print arrive yesterday and in good shape, and extremely beautiful! My wife is from NWS (Comboyne, up near Taree), so an image of Sydney is much appreciated (she worked at a hospital west of Sydney towards the Blue Mountains...Penrith, I think, or was it Parramatta?) A platinum print was totally unexpected...well seen and well printed. Not something that should be put away in a box.

So, of our group, that only leaves me as the slacker...but I am pleased with my images. I used a handmade pinhole on my Gowland 4x5 -- exposed onto Polaroid Type 55 that expired 1988, and printed on Kodak Ektalure K that was dated 1981. It was amazing everything worked! (the Type 55 was refrigerated for the past 14 years, but not the photopaper).

So, it looks like I'll get my images in the mail before the June 30 deadline, but not by much! It is almost mid-night...I have a print to mat and frame for a show tomorrow, and need to load up some 8x10 holders for my trip up to Spokane (Planning on some time along the Colombia River Gorge on the way back!) So I'd better get busy!