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..... Tony, your print arrive yesterday and in good shape, and extremely beautiful! My wife is from NWS (Comboyne, up near Taree), so an image of Sydney is much appreciated (she worked at a hospital west of Sydney towards the Blue Mountains...Penrith, I think, or was it Parramatta?) ...
Hi Vaughn - There are big hospitals in both thoses places. Parramatta is 10 mins from my home. A big childrens hospital there which I have visited more times than I would have liked and my daughter did a practicum there last year as part of her Social Work degree.

Interestingly my father's first teaching placement out of college was near Comboyne in the mid 1950's. I have poked around that area a bit in my youth with family and friends from boarding school especially around Wauchope. Nice to know you have an Aussie connection and, by the way, the Sydney Opera House was granted World Heritage status yesterday.