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I posted a question a few days ago about this developer but didnt really get any answer. Maybe it is because I used the wrong subject line

Here is the orginal post;

I am wondering if this is a good developer. I have been wanting to use XTOL but want to roll my own and I have read that MyTol is it equivalent.

Can anyone that used it give any feedback? I like the look that XTOL gives but want to start mixing my own chemistry. It looks pretty easy to mix (MyTol) but really need to get some feedback for experienced users of it.


Kevin, I haven't used Mytol but I have used Pat Gainer's PC-TEA. PC-TEA produces results that are fully comparable to Xtol and has the advantage of a very long shelf life.

FYI, Xtol, Mytol and PC-TEA are all Phenidone - Ascorbic Acid (or Ascorbate) developers. They all produce excellent and similar results. The PC-TEA Stock Solution does not contain sulfite or water. Xtol and Mytol stock solutions do contain sulfite and water.

Expected shelf life for the stock solutions.

Xtol: About 6 months, for Stock Solution stored in glass bottles.
Mytol: About 6 months, for Stock Solution stored in glass bottles.
See: http://www.udmercy.edu/crna/agm/phenvitc.htm

PC-TEA: Expected to have longest shelf life - by far. My PC-TEA stock solution has now passed 4 months with no activity change seen in 1 liter of stock solution stored in a Nalgene bottle.