I talked with Fred Newman from the viewcamera store. He suggested the following method of managing exposed film in the field.

After exposure a small label is attached to the holder indicating Film type and G or SBR.

When downloading film from holders into boxes, he label comes off and gets attached to a 4x5 sleeve. I just purchased 400 of these sleeves for 20 bucks.

Regardless of the SBR, all film can go into the same box!!

When it comes time to develop, the negative comes out of the sleeve and into the tube. The sticker get peeled off and stuck to the outside of the tube.

Once the lights are turned back on you can determine how long the film needs to be processed based on the film type and G.

I see several advantages of using this system. First, if I record G numbers then I do not have to plan for which developer I am going to use in advance. Second, I can download all film into one box without worrying about geting an N+1 into an N-1 box. Third, I can download TMAX and FP4 into the same box. The labels that I made contain the following information.

Shadow EV

The labels are 3/4 x 1 1/4 inch address labels.

I'll find out how this works this weekend.