Brian - i have and regularly use mine. It is really nice but they need a little TLC to keep them working properly. As teh lens operates on a drum via clockwork, any dirt or grit that gets into the workings can cause all sorts of problems - a weird banding can happen as the drum moves unevenly causing stripes of uneven exposure. A regular stripdown and lubrication with fine machine oil does the trick. The lens is fine for the price of the camera (best to buy on ebay for the cheapest price - they are in excess of 200 to buy here in uk shops, but I got mine for 120 from a Ukranian seller.

I found I had to spray the inside of the film chamber matt balck as I got some reflection problems - but I know of several other people who have had absolutely no problems with their 202s so I think a lot of the issue is in getting a "good" camera - the zenit factory had the usual russian camera lack of quality control approach to building the 202.

The main drawback is its lack of focus control - at min aperture (f 16) you get a DOF from about 1.5 meters to inf, but this means using the slow setting on the shutter speed - the one most likely to suffer an uneven movement.

here a few of my succesful shots .... hope that helped?