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Thirdly, I have an odd concern. Well, not odd. The safelight in the new darkroom I was assigned seems AWFULLY bright. It is a red light and about 4 feet from my work space, but it seems just...well...BRIGHT...I dunno. Hard to quantify. It just seems like my eyes don't have to adjust much when I am in there. I am used to the softer, yellow lights, and a MUCH softer red light. Should this be a concern at all? I hear people say less is more in this matter, and when I get some time I might run some fogging tests, but how red sensitive is Ortho film?
If your safelight is that bright maybe you should be pointing it towards the ceiling to make a more even and diffuse lighting. Mine is a big rectangulr style and I have it hanging about 18 inches from the ceiling pointing up. No shadows anywhere.