I'll throw my name in the hat as well for an exhibition. I've been shooting in the studio with 18" and 14-1/2 " Verito lenses on 8x10 and 12x20. I also have a few "pictorialist" figure work pieces from the late 70s that have been recently upgraded from Agfa portriga silver gelatin to platinum/palladium.

I was a member of the Western Reserve Pictorialists for 7 years before the group disbanded about 5 years ago. It was an old salon style photography group in the greater Cleveland area with a hsitory back to the late 40s. The group became inactive because many of the members of 25-40 years were moving away from the area to be nearer to their children and grandchildren. Photographic styles of members had evolved away from true pictorialism but a few people in the Cleveland area have recently been reviving the true pictorialist style in several alternative process mediums.

Bob Herbst