I think both companies make pretty decent enlarging lenses, but I am in the market for a 150mm lens. The owner of a camera stores here in town, and a nice guy to boot, suggests that the Rodenstock lenses have better contrast than the Schneiders of similar focal length. I am not looking at going up to an APO lens as I've used them and while nice for color I didn't find them significantly better in B&W to justify the price(90mm Schneider APO).

If I'm not mistaken (ya right&#33 I think the Componon-S and the Rodagon are equivalents to each other on the product rankings for each company.

What I am interested in is the experience of people how have actually used both of these lenses or have some other first hand knowledge. I'm not a big fan of datasheets etc.

Before I plunk down my hard earned Canuck Loonies your learned counsel would be greatly appreciated.