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Well, the fact is I maintain about 5-7 bottles for contrast control, ranging from as little as no potassium dichromate added to the developer to as much as 16-24 ml of a 4% potassium dichromate per liter of developer. It is really not so tedious as all, you just need to have space for the bottles, and the developer lasts indefinitely.


To clairfy, I keep one large bottle of fresh sodium citrate, with no potassium dichromate, and from this I replenish the other bottles as needed. For example, if I make an 8X10 print with the developer that has 1ml of the 4% potassium dichromate solution, I replenish the develper with 100ml of the fresh sodium citrate solution, and then add 2 drops (where 20 drops = one ml) of the 4% potassium dichromate solution. If I make a print of the same size with the developer that contains 4ml of the 4% potassium dichromate solution per liter, then I replenish adding 100 ml of fresh sodium citrate solution, to which I then add 8 drops of the 4% potassium dichroamte solution.

This replenishment system may sound complicated but in fact once you start using it to make print you will find that is really quite simple. pie.