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Sandy, when you say "the developer lasts indefinitely," are you referring to that used for Pt/Pd or Kallitype or both? My experience is that my Platinum developer lasts indefinitely (all I have to do is add some to recover volume lost over time), but my kallitype developer becomes so silver-saturated that it leaves a nasty stain I find impossible to clear (at least with Cranes Platinotype). Do you have a method to combat that problem?

And not to put too fine a point on it, but sodium citrate will develop some nasty mold if you let it sit, so "indefinitely" is definitely a relative term.
If you replenish the used developer with an adequate amount of fresh developer you will not get stain. I find that replenishment at about the rate of 100 ml of solution per one print of about 8X10 size through the developer is sufficient to achieve this. However, the actual amount may vary with the actual paper in use so if replenishment at the rate of 100 ml per 8X10 does not prevent staiing, then double or triple the amount. And and once the deveoper gets so saturated tht it stains stain I would suggest replacing about 50% of it.

Another way of working is to simply always use fresh solution, using the mininum amout of developer needed to develop a printing without staining. I estimate this to be about 100ml for an 8X10 print. However, because of the small quantitiy of developer involvbed you probably need a flat bottom tray for this type of development.