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Yeah, thanks!

But now I find myself with an unquenchable desire to visit a Croatian Flea Market. I wonder how much flights are...Do you have a spare bedroom? Couch? ;-)

I don't think you could buy enough FEDs or Zorkis to cover the travel expenses :-))

However, anyone visiting these parts is always welcome - and yes, there's plenty of room for visitor(s). And I also have a darkroom - rather small, but still a darkroom.
And plenty of analog gear to exercise - I could really use some help, I can't rotate between all the camers fast enough to give them all a monthly "click-click" :-))
Or a "kerr-chunkkk" for some of them ;-)

No, there are really not so many (only about 15) - it's more due to lack of spare time to exercise them all.