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"Women will never make as good a photographer as men as they are too emotional"

Do people really still think this? To me photography is all about emotions, as your photographs and writings demonstrate so well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Nicole.
I suspect so and think the origins were along the same lines as motoring being for men as 'women could not possibly understand the complexities of the internals combustion engine'. Whereas in 'Victorian Dad's' era motoring was all about constantly working to get the blinking thing working (and therefore for macho mechanical heros) photography also involved getting dirty with chemicals and lugging big cameras about that were totally unsuitable for the daintier sex (said in an olde English accent, sporting a well groomed mustache, smoking jacket and erect posture). There are plenty of people who still hold the same opinions about motoring so I assume it is the same about photography. 3 seconds in a car showroom or garage for a woman usually shows this to be the case....and when a woman demonstrates great knowledge she has 'clearly done it to make a point and humiliate men' rather than because she is that way inclined. And no, that did not mean what some of you might think it meant!!!!