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I've prepared a whole essay on the adventure of buying, testing, dismantling, repairing and putting back together a FED 2 I bought about a week ago.

The essay is here: FED 2 Adventures

Hope you like it - lots of photos, some flea market shots, and a FED which kicked the bucket ;-)

Anyway, there's about 1MB of photos, but I hope it's worth it.


Thanks very much Dennis, I enjoyed it very much! Well Done!!

I have a collection of FEDs and I also repair/tinker with them.

The FED 2s are one of my favorites because of their long base rangefinder. There were several models of the FED2 and I believe that I have all (or most) of them. There was a lot of model number crossover (and not just with the FEDs). For example, I have a FED 2 that looks identical to a short base rangefinder FED 3. Configuration control (and quality control) did not seem to be very important to the FSU camera industry's commissars.