1. I've not used the Fotospeed kit, but in general as toners become depleted, the symptom is that it takes progressively longer to achieve a given color change. So when the time required to achieve the color you are looking for exceeds your patience in waiting for that change, then your toner is exhausted. Until then, put it in a bottle for reuse. I've found that heating the solution a bit makes up for partial depletion. In our area, its acceptable to dispose of ordinary darkroom chemicals by dumping them down the drain, but you may want to check with your local regulations.

2. You don't need to refix, but it is a good idea to rinse toned prints in hypoclear since some toners contain fixer (especially selenium - it contains ammonium thiosulfate).

3. I dry my prints face down on fiberglass screens. I know that some people hang them from a line - that's fine if you have a wide border because you will almost certainly crimp the corner where you attach it to the line. Some people simply place their prints on dry cotton towels

4. I use a heat press to flatten prints, but an alternate is to put them under a stack of books for a few days.