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Thank you Louie and Tim,

Guess I'm officially evicted from the kitchen and will move on over to the bathroom!


I meant to ask, will the bleach become exhausted, too? Is it the same principle at work... once it stops working then I know it's exhausted?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

I saw a clip of a Russian photographer - Alexi Titarenko - toning some prints (film was showing at his photo exhibit in Cobh last month). Didn't look like he was soaking them entirely, just sort of selectively sploshing something (the bleach bit??) in the area he was working on, and then rinsing it straight away. He had something that looked like a mini-mop!

I made loads of extra prints, so I look forward to experimenting!

The bleach just gets slower Catherine. But if you start out with v dilute bleach don't work it too hard. You may find that redeveloping in the toner becomes poor. I suspect the bromide (the bit needed for redevelopment) runs out before the ferri component (the bleaching bit) stops working, - just my theory though.

Yes, you can bleach selectively. The toner then only tones the areas bleached.