Yup. I'm a senior in high school, have been doing photography for over three years, LF for about a year and a half. Unfortunately I'm more of a powerboat person, by default (father's choice) but I've sailed a few times, and enjoy doing so at every opportunity. At the moment, I'm talking with a friend about restoring an older (neglected) sailboat in need of some TLC, cleaning, and a new OMC Saildrive powerhead.

Getting back to the topic at hand, I'm only up to the June issue of SAIL but will pick up the August. I shoot 8x10, as well as smaller formats (6x4.5 and 35mm) and in terms of boating have done mainly the usual seascapes, nautical scenes, etc. but few vessel portraits. I plan on working with my 28' 1979 Carver sometime soon, and when I see how that turns out, I'll look into doing work for friends and possibly some paid stuff.

I do have some shots I took on the Appledore out of Camden, Maine on my web site (www.jasonantman.com) which came out nicely. No prints yet, so they're in the scans gallery. These shots were all done with 6x4.5 (Bronica ETRS) and shot with Fuji chrome film.

Personally, when I think vessel portraiture, especially for boats/ships with saild and lots of brightwork, I think 8x10" chrome.