After hearing so many recommendations of this book by Apuggers whose photography I admire, I picked it up from my local library (on inter-library loan, actually), and for the life of me can't understand what the fuss is about.

Let me qualify that I have an interest in the type of photography in the book, which tends towards documentary, architectural, etc., but I just don't seem to see whatever it is that moved so many Apuggers to say that this book is what moved them to take photography up as a serious hobby, rather than a dabbling one. I'd say that only a couple of the photos struck me as interesting.

Is it that I grew up in New England and that everything in it just seems like snap-shots of every-day views? Is it that I'm slightly younger and have been exposed to so many photographers who were influenced by Strand that his photos have come to seem common-place to me? Am I just a "dabbler" who doesn't "get it"?

After viewing this book, I then went on to search out his other work and found that I really liked much of it, especially the NYC stuff. As I live in NYC, I also have the familiarity with it that I have with New England, so it's not that "familiarty breeds contempt."

What am I missing? What photos in the book stand out to you, and why?