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Hey just got my MF enlarging lens delivered this afternoon. A used componon-s 80mm, the lens is absolutely mint except on the bottom element inside it is slightly covered with tiny clear looking dots. You can see them if the lens is held directly to a light. Is this fungus? I'm thinking about having it professionally cleaned to remove these. I am also wondering should I learn how to clean lenses myself and what tools are required? I assume some device to unscrew the ring holding in the element? How risky is this assuming I only want to go 1 element deep and not take apart the entire lens?
It is more hassle than what it worth. I have a G Claron that has the same thing. I took it apart and put the lens elements in formaldehyde. Did not do a thing, and putting it back together was more hassle than what is was worth. Try using it, if the print comes out nice and crisp, forget about it. If you get image degradation, send it for cleanning.

Of course, knowing you and how testa dura you are, all you need is a spanner wrench to take it appart. I recommend the ones from SK Grimes.