Thank you John and congratulations to Barbara. Hopefully she is just off on vacation and will return soon to claim her chore!

In the meantime I'll invite all of you who have not taken part in this contest to get out, take some pictures and join us. I'm shooting (pun intended) to get twice as many entries at least! If you need a free scan to join in drop a line to me.

So after some thought, and trying to pick a subject that is available to all, and in the normal course of life, I have come up with a rather generic photographic assignment, but interesting proposition for you all to pursue.

So, I have created a Photo-Journalist assignment.

Consider, if you may, that you work for the Apug News and the editor just handed you an assignment to do an article on summer. It could be anything about your Summer, someone else's, a local event, or popular summer activity. Your picture(s) and text could illustrate Summer fun, the dog days of Summer, Summer storms, a Summer get together, Summer chores, Summer vacation or anything related to this time of year. Is it hiking or biking, eating or reading, fishing or swimming or travel. Your text does not have too be long, it just has to tell us something about the picture.

So... describe if you will, thru your photographic skill, and by means of your ability to communicate thru the written word, something about Summer.

Now since we all write in this forum to take part and correspond with each other, you will need to post your text response in support of the photo with a link to the up-loaded photo into this thread. The best combination of Photo with text wins the prize. The photo counts 75% and the text 25% towards the final score. Good luck!! Multiple entries are encouraged. Extra points awarded for making us smile and entries with more then 1 picture. Hopefully all of you will take this opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and do something a little more creative.