Okay I thought about posting in the plethora of previous pyro threads but I didnt want it to reignite any debates and the like so I opted to just take up my own little slice of the interweb.

I did my first developement with PMK Pyro last night.
I shot 18 4x5 sheets of Ultrafine 125 (FP4) shots at 100iso this weekend. 9 seperate shots where I doubled up on the exposures because I intended to do a comparison with the PMK Pyro and my usual Rodinal 1:50.
Okay. Heres what happened. First major mistake.... I had a brain fart and accidentally used Ilfostop Stop Bath so I pretty much stripped the pyro stain from all nine negs. okay so I continued everything after that as usual. I put the negs back in the used dev after the fixing stage and then washed them for 30mins in running filtered water. The temperatures on everything were all spot on. (I have to use ice in larger trays because tap water in Texas in August runs about 76degrees). All the negatives were tray developed for 11 mins at 1:2:100 at 70degrees.

The resulting negatives werent horrible.... my exposures were pretty good but I got some weird discoloration around the longer sides of the negatives. almost a fogging look to it with a yellow tinge. I know it isnt my holders etc so I am pretty sure it a problem/mistake I made in the dev process.
Is it safe to assume that the acidic stop bath that was used was the cause? if so should I take the remaining doubled up secondary exposure and try the PMK Pyro again? or opt for my safe bet of Rodinal?

Thanks in Advance again.