What Kerik said. Some other informaton: Get some low-adhesion scotch tape (Magic tape or something like that) to fasten the negative to the paper without damaging it.

I've seen Kerik use a piece of glass method over the negative to align the negative on the print. That would be the preferable tool, however I've been too lazy to get a skinny piece of glass cut for my 7x17 negs, so I have been using the fold-lock negative sleeve to cover the negative during the alignment process, and it works okay.

Another hint from Kerik: use the penicilled-in "L's" to judge when the paper is dry after you coat it. It will shrink as it dries, and when the edges of the negative perfectly fit the penicilled in marks, you're ready to roll.

And if it slips before you print and you fail to catch it, just tell everyone you're Howard "Gum" Bond, and its your method of doing an unsharp mask.