When I was young and single, this dilemma posed itself in another form. For me it was should I get married or should I just continue to use hookers. Now using hookers definitely has it's advantages- you only have to have them around when you want them, you share the cost for their upkeep with a number of other renters, you don't have to meet their parents etc.

On the other hand having a wife, means that you don't have to wander out in the middle of the night when you wish to use their services, they are relatively well looked after because they don't become worn out or broken from too many renters, you don't have to adjust to the design or equipment over again as they have become familiar, and they often have other uses as well.

So when one weighs all the pros and cons. (sorry) One probably comes away with the opinion that a wife is preferable to the rental and has many more years of service.

Just one mans opinion

Michael McBlane