Decided to take the new(to me) 7x11 out this morning to check out the new bellows that I installed. Took 2 holders, and spent about 3 hours looking for a subject and arrived home without a single negative exposed.

Now, this is actually OK as far as I am concerned, but it got me to thinking - when I shot 35mm, it was easy enough to snap away - though I usually never finished a roll at one time. The move to MF, gave me about the same results - but with fewer frames, could finish a roll of 120 almost every time.

Next move was to 4x5 - and things became much slower, and each trip of the shutter was done with more purpose, but I could usually find something to expose. 5x7 was much the same as 4x5, but I carried fewer film holders. 8x10 was the first BIG slow down, I might carry 4 8x10 holders and would return with 2-3 sometimes all 4 holders without using them (but might expose 4-6 5x7's). When the 8x10 was the only format used, 2 holders would be a big day.

Soooooooooooo...after all that,

How many of you that use 8x10 or larger find that you are much more selective with the subject matter when you are out?

I set the camera up a few times this morning, but in the end did not "see" anything on the GG that made me head for the film holders. Either the light was just not right or it was a subject that I had visited before and did not feel fresh - which made me think about the thread started by Eric (Rose) related to not feeling inspired.

Would be interested in how others approach changed after moving up in format.

Will try again this afternoon, after the mid-day light has passed.