Great feed back, and I do appreciate each persons thoughts.

Ryan & Shawn, think I understand where you guys are coming from. When you go out, do you do so with a purpose in mind? Do you 'know' what you intend to shoot that day? Or do you go out with nothing in particular and wait to see what you find?

David, you are quite right. In my case it is not so much the cost per sheet (this is open to ones finances) but more the change in vision. This mornings outing is a good example. There were a couple of stops, that I would have tried to shoot, even though I did not find the light quite right. Instead, I saw the potential for the location but decided to come back at another time.

This may just be a difference in how LF has changed the way I work. Maybe I should have gone ahead and exposed some film to see if I was correct about the light. It is also about trying to break out of the project mode I think, as David knows there is a group of us that have been working the church project and I think we have all 'needed' to photograph other subject matter.

Thanks again for the input, as I find it very interesting and valuable.

Oh, and Shawn - afraid I have been quilty of using the none-word as well (good catch though).