[QUOTE=photomc;489747]Great feed back, and I do appreciate each persons thoughts.

Ryan & Shawn, think I understand where you guys are coming from. When you go out, do you do so with a purpose in mind? Do you 'know' what you intend to shoot that day? Or do you go out with nothing in particular and wait to see what you find?[QUOTE]

I go out and see what I can see. As Ryan has said in a near direct MAS quote, I simply go out looking. Recently I've been working on a project photographing Pond Scum around Campbell's Farm. Even then I'm simply walking around the area where Pond Scum is but I'm still open to photographing ANYTHING, whatever it happens to be.

I think, Mike, that you might enjoy reading Mark Citret's essay titled, "Where to Stand and Where to Put the Edges". You can find it for free on his website, www.mcitret.com Hope the work is going well for you! Best. Shawn