It is an interesting contrast in "mindset", The tools are essentually the same IE; Fstop, shutterspeed,optics and film but the personality for each tool seems to change the approach. With each there are merits that guide the days inspiration. I never shoot larger than 4x5 but find that on those days I'm very specific about what I'm after. The focus on these days is more about the study of a specific location or concept and it's integration with light. The days where I head out with smaller formats I call them "sketch runs" It is still about light but far more immediate gratification of the moment and blazing a trail through the day. An adventure if you will. There are so many tools, 35mm pano, medium format collapsable or hassy square that are so easily carried and brought forward to capture a response to the moment. Larger format by it's very nature has the same elements, is very interchangable and offers more tools for perspective control and creates a more refined perspective towards the subject of interest. More thoughtful and selective. So depending on the mood, Smaller is more intuitive larger is more profound.