ROLLEI Infrared IR400

We now have Rollei Infrared film in stock in both 35mm and 120 formats. Sheet film (5x4 only) will be available in a few weeks time. We will also be importing a number of other Rollei products and will post a message as soon as the full range is available.

Unlike Kodak High Speed Infrared or Efke IR820, Rollei IR400 is very fine-grained and has excellent resolution and tonality, exhibiting superb detail in the highlights and shadows. The film is 400 ASA (25 ASA for IR use) and as a result of its quality can be used for both infrared and standard b&w photography on the same roll. You do need to use a deep red or stronger filter to get the best infrared effects, so the results are more similar to SFX 200 or Konica Infrared than to other IR films. For product information, including examples and comparisons, please visit:

We are offering Rollei IR400 at permanently low prices, and the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Discounts start when you purchase three rolls or more. We have a limited supply at the moment, so buy now to avoid disappointment. We will be taking delivery of a new shipment later this month, and expect to be able to meet demand without any back orders. For purchasing details, just follow the link below: