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Patrick could probably tell us exactly how much film 1 gram of pyrogallol can develop in 10ml of TEA, but I can't.
I would estimate that you could get about 4 sheets of 8X10 film from a liter of a developer that contained one gram of pyrogallol, but only if you developed all of the sheets at the same time, or at least split the liter into two parts and develop the films two and two.

The literature and my own practical experience indicates that when pyrogallol is the only reducer in a developer effective film speed is low and the grain is very large. I would be almost certain, without ever having tried it, that the effective film speed of Pyro-TEA is significantly lower than that of developers like PMK, Pyrocat-HD, WD2D and Rollo Pyro. How much slower will depend on film but 1/4 to 1/2 stop less is not unusual for ABC and I would suspect the same for Pyro-TEA.

I would also expect that the Pyro-TEA would produce a lot of stain. Could someone who is using it comment on this. ABC with no sulfite is a very different developer than ABC with a little sulfite added.