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I shot some Rollei 4x5 Ir recently with a Hoya r72 filster. I needed to rate the film at ei 1, or even less, to get any shadow detail using Pyrocat HD. I'm not complaining, but simply pointing out that it's EI might not be close to 25 in similar circumstances.
Hi Peter,

We have a number of people performing tests on the film to determine more development times. A lot of data has been gathered prior to our testing which indicates that an EI of 25 works well, although in some cases you may want to open up a further stop (12 ISO). We currently have no published data for Pyrocat HD, so you may need to use a stronger dilution or longer time (see Willie Jan's example above). If you are able to get good results, please let me know so that I can add the data to the Massive Dev Chart.