interesting thread... felt somewhat compelled to comment, even though I was getting alot from this thread just reading. Actually felt I may have something to add.
I had a semi similar experience on saturday morning. I woke up around 4am, loaded my 3 12x20 holders, packed the truck, loaded the maya dog and drove nearly 175 miles to an old abandoned sulphur factory near houston. A location that was a gold mine discovery a few weeks back. I spent the better part of the day walking around hauling my camera.... I saw loads and loads of images that moved me, yet felt compelled to expose only two negatives. Even knowing full well that more than likely they wouldnt capture what I "saw". But felt worth the effort, even if for only the lesson being reaffirmed that I dont "have to shoot".
My point, I have found that I still see just as many shots as I always have. When I was shooting 35mm and 120 I shot damn near ALL of the shots I saw. It was invigorating to so eagerly capture all that resonated with me. But the fact remains that as I would go through a 120 roll with 12 6x6 negs on it... there was inevitably ONE negative I wanted to print.
To compare it with my present working methods, Ill shoot possibly 2 or 3 12x20 negs in a day and more often than not (barring any technical errors) Ill get 2-3 negatives that I feel worth printing (I'm finding exposing all three of my 12x20 holders in a day is a LONG day). So its an interesting comparison... even though Im still "seeing" the same number of shots as when I shot roll film, it seems to have distilled itself down to only capturing that 1 in 12 shot when I bother to expose a 12x20 neg. This doesnt feel like a fully conscious thing either, as I can't say that its something I do deliberately. It just seems to have occured somewhat naturally.