hey Mike,

I go slow with the bigger cameras too. Maybe it has to do with the purpose of using the big camera in the first place. For me big negatives are for smooth tones and textures and I slow down to see those things. Small negatives are for things that don't rely on texture or go by to fast to catch with big slow tools. Lately I've been making allot of 5x8 inch prints either using a splitting dealy on 8x10 or enlarging 35mm and the funny thing is that nothing jumps out at you as better just different textures and a different way to get there. And I do blow through quite a bit of 35mm all at once, but that has to do with trying things with motion that you don't know for sure you got until you print it. So...maybe what you're trying to do makes a difference in how many exposures you make.


Really like what you say about intuitive and profound, never thought of it that way.