Well for someone that does not do that much navel-gazing, this has been great.

Thomas, 1st great to see your post - hope all is well. As Mateo said, have not considered the intuitive/profound as you put it - I really like how you stated that.

Matt, it's good to know that others have the same thoughts - and yes driving for miles and hours for 1 or 2 or no negatives does happen, but I wonder how often we actually do see images in our subconscious.

Also like the way you described the purpose with the larger formats, Mateo (good to see you too!!). You may be right about what is wanted from the outing having to do with the equipment - let's face it you don't find many LF/ULF cameras at sporting events, but you sure hear a lot of shutters.

Walter, think that the select opportunities were exactly what I was after that day and when I did not find them, went on my way - well put.