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FINALLY! The 5th issue of MAGNAchrom is ready for you to download at

This issue is quite special -- Not only is it dedicated to all things related to night photography, including an interview with Tom Paiva, one of the most prolific night photographers in the world, but we also have an exclusive in-depth review of 24 ballheads from Gitzo, Manfrotto, Arca-Swiss, ReallyRightStuff, Velbon, Giottos, Freedom, AcraTech and Novoflex (seven of which received an Editor's Choice -- read to find out who won!)


  • HOT MODS: Large Format Fisheye
  • 4-SQUARE: Alex Watanabe
  • PROJECT: Ambient Night, Kit Courter
  • TECHNIQUE: Film for night photography
  • TRAVELS: Night and the Built Environment
  • ARCHITECTURE: Kirk Gittings: The Edge of Darkness
  • EXPERIENCE: Images of Night
  • CENTERFOLD: Philip Pankov
  • EQUIPMENT: Adventures in 4x10
  • CUSTOMIZE: Vacuum frame for LF holders
  • EXTREMES: Longyearbyen
  • INTERVIEW: Tom Paiva
  • PORTFOLIO: Larry Wright
  • REVIEW: 24 Ballheads Compared

Here are some sample spreads from this issue:

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