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I have never ventured into diffused light for contact printing, but i know of two printers who use to print cibachrome whom mentioned the practice of using a white plastic sheeting that let diffused light through. and was used as I mentioned above. I no longer have contact with them and this has always been something that has sat in the back of my mind as a printing curiosity. Has anyone here done cibachrome or ilfochrome contact printing?
see my posts in gelatine threads-in one i give the instructions for how i used diffusion and created masks, spreads and shrinks in vacume contact frames that were repeatable and ordered by clients specifying in .001 inch requirements

this was in the adv biz in nyc in the 80's and in boston in the 90's

this work was billed at $125/hr in 1983

the whole "unsharp mask" concept was eroniously started by kodak in thier literature where they used a non-repeatable and uncontrolable way to create litterally unsharp positives form negatives

my methods were derived from my pre-press training as a 4/color stripper

i can remove the confusion from your mind but can't do it now -i'll be back another time -read my posts first then ask qusetions and i will answer them

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