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I used Don's PPPD developer this last week with very good results. It was a bit too contrasty for my Azo negatives....
That is an interesting result. My experience with PPPD is that it gave me fairly low contrast on the current lot of Grade 2 Azo (compared to MS Amidol and Ansco 130).

I started with no KBr in the working developer. It gave me close to a grade 2, and very warm tones - with the Dmax going a bit red. I then added some 10% KBr (twice as much as Don recommended - I goofed) and the developer activity slowed way down. The image tone shifted to blue/black and the contrast dropped to between Grade 1 and 1.5.

I think contrast and tone control is possible by fine tuning the KBr ratio and by increasing/decreasing the dilution.