Good Evening,

My post of 7-29-2004 in this thread contains an error which I suddenly realized an hour or so ago when I was in about mile 2 of my evening run. (Nothing like some warm, thick St. Louis-region air to clear the mind!)

I commented favorably on the Beseler Negatrans. The correct reference should have been to the Beseler NEGAFLAT (4 x 5) instead. That carrier is extremely effective; I can't imagine how a glass carrier could be better.

By the way, the Negatrans (35mm) is also good, but its major advantage is in moving quickly from one frame to another rather than improved flatness. I don't have a 120 Negatrans, so I can't comment on it from experience, but I suspect that Beseler has done as good a job on it as on the others.

My apologies for the error.