I can see that this thread has become a little tense and what I have to say is not intended to annoy you, just to approach it from a different angle...

What are your reasons from considering moving to PL100 from a film which you like and presumably know well? Finer grain?

If you are shooting 8x10, the LPMM issue is all but irrelevant in that both are traditional films and will be a million miles away from TMAX 100 or acros and probably quite similar to each other in terms of LPMM/resolving power. Between the films listed the resolution issue is unlikely to become significant below 30 or 40 inch prints if at all.... The 'look' will be much more important and the tonal characteristics and curve may be very different. A good example would be Acros and Tmax100, which on paper are very similar (curves, grain etc) but on a print I think are very different. If you use PL100 (A truly beautiful film) you can always bend it a little by selecting a different dev to the one you are using now. All I am saying is that the Lpmm will tel you little to nothing about its photographic potential for YOU. Use it, develop it, experiment a bit and print it, then decide! I bought quite a lot of TMAx 100 readyload before I realised that I did not like the look of it on paper! I thought all the folk who said they did not like the look of it to have a touch of emperors clothes about them. Not so. I f you like traditional films, you will like PL100. Good luck, Tom