Gilbert, thank you for your question. Tom, I think you are right. In the end, I will base my decision on several factors, including a few that are not so easily quantified (e.g., how does it "look" when printed). As I said above, the resolving power of the film gives me only one indication of what I might expect from this film: it is not the only factor I consider and my decision to stick with PL 100 will, of course, not be based solely on consideration of that characteristic. I am merely trying to approach this in an informed way vs. methods more haphazard. I would do the same if I were contemplating a new developer or printing paper, i.e., try to estimate how the developer or paper might be different from what I currently use before I spend the time and money investigating it. I don't expect there to be much difference between the films insofar as grain is concerned, certainly not at enlargements approaching 20x24, which is about as far as I can go from 8x10 negatives given the design of my darkroom. I appreciate your observations, and I am not annoyed by your remarks. I was, however, a little exasperated by some of the comments yesterday. My inquiry was a straightforward one which I thought deserved a straightforward answer, not replies explaining how resolving power is affected or counterquestions about my motives, for example.