AFAIK there's no difference between a 25/1.9 CE and a 25/1.9 CE II. These are the ones that Kodak recommended for photomacrography. Reversed, of course.

My 25/1.9 CE II is better at f/2.8 than wide open. Very very good lens from 10:1 to 20:1, which is the range I tried it in.

My 25/1.4 CE II is pretty useless as a macro lens. Same goes for the 15/2.5, if I remembered the maximum aperture correctly.

To avoid making a bad mistake, don't pay too much. Also, check the lens for mechanical problems (seized aperture is what matters, seized focusing helical isn't relevant) and internal dirt/fungus. I've seen many with seized helicals, also many with internal crud.