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As Sandy said, read the threads on the AZO forum, all the information is contained therein. I develop using BTZS-type tubes and minimal agitation with Efke PL100 8x10 inch film and Pyrocat HD diluted 1:1:120 - it is all I use and I have yet to have a single mark or scratch or whatever other artifact you can imagine. I am confident enough in my development procedures that I no longer expose for back up negatives. One scene - one shot! My negatives are extremely sharp (thanks to edge effects - the AZO forum has in depth discussions about this phenomenon), exhibits wonderful overall contrast, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, beautiful local contrast - it is this local or micro contrast which greatly contributes to a print's feeling of light (or glow, if you like) and three-dimensionality.

What exactly is your procedure for minimal development, specifically with PL100? I believe I heard Sandy mention that you should increase your standard times 30-35%, but I'm not sure if that was for minimal agitation or semi-stand. I've used semi-stand with Tri-X with good results, and even EFKE 100 in roll film, but not 8x10. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!