While tidying up my darkroom this evening to make way for a newer large format enlarger I found a stash of unopened powdered chemicals which included three packs of Ilford Hyfin. Each pack has 5 individual sachets.

Now I have the instructions & dev time will be no problem - I intend to try and use with Adox/EFKE PL25 R25 and KB25. (New names I know them better as the KB14 etc nomenclature).

Does anyone know an equivalent formula, or did Ilford ever publish it.

While it was onlly sold in the UK market for a short time ? late 60's I remember discussing the developer with one of Ilfords research chemists about 20 yrs ago, it was still in production but hadn't been sold in the UK for many years. I think that was about 2 years after I acquired the Hyfin, the packets were already old ! Ilfords date code shows manufacture as 1967.

A Google search turns up Dev times etc on an up to date Italian site

Is it actually still available in some areas ?