Ron, I hope that you won't mind my reply to your question. My development procedures with Efke PL 100 are as follows.

1. Five minute presoak
2. One minute agitation followed by no agitation then 15 second agitation at one third and two thirds of total development time.
3. 30 second stop bath at 1/4 of normal dilution (acetic acid)
4. Four minute fix
5. twenty minute wash consisting of 5 dumps and refills.

I use BTZS type tubes...the same ones that Francesco uses...I believe... since I built them for him.

My times for Grade two Azo (1.65 density range) are as follows:

SBR 7 ---26 minutes
SBR 6 ---38 minutes
SBR 5 ---50 minutes

My times for enlarging on VC materials (condensor enlarger 1.15 DR) are as follows:
SBR 7 ---16 minutes
SBR 6 ---28 minutes
SBR 5 ---38 minutes

Hope that this helps. Good luck

Donald Miller

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What exactly is your procedure for minimal development, specifically with PL100? I believe I heard Sandy mention that you should increase your standard times 30-35%, but I'm not sure if that was for minimal agitation or semi-stand. I've used semi-stand with Tri-X with good results, and even EFKE 100 in roll film, but not 8x10. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!