I use and enjoy Kentmere Bromide. It is NOT a replacement for AZO. It is a very different paper. It is a cool tone, high contrast enlarging paper. If you are planning on printing alt process you will need a negative that is denser than pirnts well on Kent. Bro. I've found my negatives that printed well on grade 3 Azo print well on Kentmere. My negs that printed well on Azo Grade 2 are a challenge to bring down, even on Kent. Bro. Grade 2.

I've changed my film development with Pyrocat from 2:2:100 to 1:1:100 for good printing on Kent. Bro. I would also consider Kentmere Bromide Grades to be closer to the following. Grade 2 = Grade 2.5, Grade 3 = Grade 3.5 and Grade 4 = Grade 4. This has been my experience over the last two years. Feel free to pm me if you have any more specific questions. Best. Shawn