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Surely the problem is that $250,000 CNC rigs are not common in home workshops, and those with expensive CNC rigs are not necessarily enthusiastic about nickel-and-dime jobs. Non-CNC machinists may do things for fun; few with serious CNC machinery can afford to do so.

If price isn't an issue, try the Seitz brothers.


I think you are quite correct about small job aversion. Add to that dealing with someone who is not an engineer/designer/draftsperson and making something that is outside of the normal run of what the shop does and I understand their position.

I am aware of Seitz. I'm sure if their work is good enough for Alpa it would exceed my demands. I wonder though if they would not be averse to making tiny runs for the same reasons you advanced. Have you had any dealings with them?

In my experience price is always a design concern. There are very few people who can blithely operate by Vanderbilt's dictum. However, it is one concern among many. In this case my main concern was to determine if there were resources available to me that I was unaware of. I suppose that if I found half a dozen vendors I would bid out my job. This did not (and still doesn't) seem a likely outcome. Perhaps I should have asked the question more broadly. CNC is not the central issue. Is anyone aware of a machinist that is happy to take on short run jobs for photographers (in addition to those already mentioned in this thread)?