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Steve, if it's an Excellon drill/router, you should be able to get the speeds down quite a bit from the 60Krpm. Cutting aluminum you do need coolant/lubricant. On my router I ran 1/8" single O-flute Onsrud bit at 30Krpm around 45-50 ipm for roughing passes, lots and lots of coolant, for finishing passes, I ran a 2 flute at 25Krpm, 7-10 ipm.
It is indeed an Excellon, and it's about 18 years old now so is getting a bit cranky. I can get it down to about 8,000 RPM (I think) from the 20,000 RPM I usually use but this is still a bit quick for the cutters I have. Or so I have been told.
I will have to do a bit more research. I have some single and double flute bits so a bit more experimentation is needed.

Despite that, it is a fantastic machine to have in the factory as it gets used to make alsorts of jigs and fixtures which I used to make by hand.