reporting in from my first home-sepia-toning adventure!

a couple of little bumps along the way: 1. lost the instructions on how to mix up the toner... so googled it... and winged it... 2. in the excitement of the moment, forgot to wash the first print between the bleaching step and the toning step, but it looked fine... so hopefully no lasting damage! 3. put the prints to dry on a couple of clean tea towels (or so i thought!!) but the furry cat had been in that cupboard and later noticed little bits of fur settling into the prints.

so... not bad, eh?

of the three photos i tried out today the photo that started out the darkest (nice dark grey skies) is the one i'm happiest with, now that it's toned and all. i did the diluted bleach thing, and pulled it out early-ish. i *am* hooked!!!

thx again for help and advice.