I'm not against camera or lens tests, If they're done with real world subjects, and in real lighting situations. The only US mags I still subscribe to are Shutterbug and American Photo. I used to get Lenswork, but the price is too steep right now. I do occasionally pick up the UK mag B&W Photography, which does have a great balance. They did an article on analog vs digital printing recently. They sent a negative to a digital guy to output, and then did a analog print in the good old darkroom. It was great because both produced very good, but very different prints. In the end they concluded the darkroom print looked better, not because it had more tones, but because it had starker shadows. But really it was a toss up. You'd never see a US magazine do something that fair. Maybe it's something about the U.S. mentality. "All or Nothing" seems to be the mindset today.