After reading as much of the August '07 issue of "Outdoor Photographer" (U.S.) as I could stand, I promptly e-mailed OP and cancelled my subscription. I've been meaning to do this for the last several months, but this latest issue was the final straw for all the reasons the previous messages to this thread covered. "Popular Photography", or whatever they call themselves now, I cancelled a while back, as I did with "Shutterbug". I get much, much more useful photographic information from APUG than any of those catalogs,...I mean, magazines.

Regarding "Shutterbug", I have enjoyed Roger Hicks' & Frances Schultz's articles as well as Robert E. Mayer's work, but, when the editor of the magazine spends most of a page talking about "The Year D _ _ _ _ _ _ Took Over" (July '07), which is an editorial based on some kind of "truthiness" about 2007 marking the first time that more prints will be made from d _ _ _ _ _ _ than analog sources, that's when it's time for me just turn around and walk away. I mean,...what the hell?! Based on this "truthiness", he then asks us to "...mark 2007 as the year the industry officially declared that d _ _ _ _ _ _ took over." So now this useless 'truthiness' is legitimate enough to call it official? It seems to me that only insecure d _ _ _ _ _ _ image makers would want to keep track of information this fallow.

Anyway, it is nice to have an actual magazine to read once in a while, so "LensWork", "View Camera", "Silvershotz" and "Focus" magazines are what I get.

I guess I vented a little bit there. Sorry.